Sunday, April 18, 2010

this week, I WILL paint...

the aqua patch is quite lovely, but still it has to go

a black mantelpiece remains long after the Melbourne Cup has been run

This is my tricky way of forcing myself to get started on a major home job. You see, if I put it out there that I am going to paint the lounge room, then maybe I actually will, even if it is only in the interest of not sounding like a lame-ass procrastinator. Our lounge room slash dining room slash my office is currently a ridiculous patchwork of paint colours as it is quite often used as a cheap (read free) location for my shoots. And every time I start slapping on another colour I swear I will paint it back to normal "that weekend". Needless to say I still have a black mantelpiece from a 2009 Melbourne Cup 'equine homewares' shoot and a large patch of aqua on another wall from a 'bookends' shoot in November. And then there is the Christmas garland that it still hanging between the chandeliers. I have the big paint tin sitting at the front door, the drop sheets and paintbrushes at the ready. Now, I just need to start.

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