Monday, July 12, 2010

the Aladdin project, part 1, getting jiggy

the workbench (the kitchen table may have a few fresh nicks in it!)

plans and sketches

so far, so good

I have been known to have a few harebrained schemes in my time (ask any number of my friends, or go straight to the source and ask Jeremy). Yesterday I thought I may have embarked on another one, but so far it is turning out far...

Alexandra's school is mounting a production of Aladdin, and having been happily involved with costuming for many a Rock Eisteddfod at the girls' old school in Sydney, I put up my hand to get involved. But instead of sticking to sewing, I found myself putting up my hand to help with the staging and propping. I was assigned with the task of constructing the palace gates, so after doing a load of googling and enlisting the advice of my mates Kumbah and Mike, yesterday I hit Bunnings and made a start. I bought what is fast-becoming my new favourite tool - a jig saw. At $36 it was cheaper than hiring one, and I do love to own a tool! I piled up the trolley with mdf, some wood for the frame, nails, gold spray paint and glitter, then raced home to get sawing. After a few freehand drawing attempts, based on images I found on the net, I got jiggy in the kitchen (too cold outside). It was tricky, but too much fun. Next up is the framing and the painting, then transporting the gates to the school before Dougal eats them!

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