Thursday, September 30, 2010

love at first sight...

This has nothing to do with homes or styling. It is just plain gorgeous. One of my favourite scenes from one of my favourite movies, "Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants" aka "And They Lived Happily Ever After"; it features the exquisite Charlotte Gainsbourg and the hard on the eyes Johnny Depp. I love the look on her face when the chemistry hits...

And it is a cracking acoustic version of 'Creep' by Radiohead.

enjoy hx

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That's it. I am having five more kids and moving to New York!

Is anyone else as utterly obsessed with watching 9 by Design (on Arena at 9.30 on Tuesdays) as I am?

I have been reading about Robert and Courtney Novogratz and their huge brood of kids (seven at last count) in home mags for a few years now, and have been dying to see the show about their life. It may have been on before, and I missed it, but anyway, I have been laying low on the couch with a cold for a few day and have been putting in some serious screen time with Robert, Courtney, Wolfgang, Tallulah, Bellamy, Breaker, Five (yes, they called their fifth kid five), Holleder and baby Major.

Courtney is a divine Demi Moore lookalike, Robert is kind of bombastic, but likable, and their kids are heaven (if you like them a bit bratty, like I do). She was an actress, he was a stockbroker, and now they take on massive renovation projects, break all the rules, and have such great fun. I want them to adopt me. Or I may get Annebelle to marry Wolfgang. I know it's all very NY and pretentious, but man I am buying in.


*check out their website

image from the nytimes

Saturday, September 25, 2010

spring at last...

When we moved back into our home after four incredible years in Sydney, our garden had really suffered during the long Melbourne drought. The saddest loss was the old red camellia, seen above with Allie climbing in it before she went to three year old kinder. But... I was very happy today when I saw a little glimpse of red through the roses and found this little guy (below). The old tree must have sent off a shoot, or dropped a seed, or did whatever camellias do to produce a little baby. It's nestled in next to the fence, so it will probably need to be moved next year, but I will first have to remove the stump of the old tree. Yes, I think Spring has finally arrived in Melbourne.

Friday, September 24, 2010

On your toes, Annebelle!

On your toes, Annebelle!

and On your toes, Susie!

I have been enchanted by ballet since I was little - and even though I never took a lesson, I loved reading ballet books. My favourite was called On your toes, Susie! by Lee Wyndham. I think I spent just as much time reading it as looking at the beautiful illustrations by Jane Miller. Simple elegant drawings that so perfectly captured each scene.

When my daughter Annebelle turned three she started ballet lessons, and I am very proud to say that ten years later, she has just passed her pre-pointe assessment, and we have purchased her first pair of pointe shoes - yay Annebelle!!! Here are some photos I took of her this afternoon, practicing in the hallway. I know I am a proud and biased mama, but how beautiful does she look?


Monday, September 20, 2010

Jenny's home in Real Living magazine

A little while back I had the pleasure of styling a 'my space' page for the Sunday Age/Sun Herald M Magazine at my good friend Jenny's home. We shot just one small corner of a room - and quite frankly it wasn't enough! Luckily, Real Living mag love Jenny's home as much as I do, so we spent another day shooting the whole rear extension. It is stylish, contemporary and very classy, just like Jen and her family.

Here is a sneak peek - you can check out the rest in the October issue of Real Living magazine.

Shot by Chris Warnes, styled and written by me. Copyright owned by ACP.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

gorgeous Melbourne home - Brett Sheehy's art-filled apartment

I love visiting the homes of Melbourne's most creative people for the 'my space' page that runs in Sunday Life magazine, but sometimes, it's the homeowner, not the home, that leaves the most lasting impression on me. Brett Sheehy is one such homeowner. As the artistic director of the Melbourne International Arts Festival (and previously the AD of both the Adelaide and Sydney festivals) Brett's knowledge of the arts is incredible. I was a tad intimidated before meeting him as the only other big name artistic director I have had any contact with was the director of the first Melbourne Festival in 1986 (then called Spoleto). He was the late Gian Carlo Menotti - who everyone referred to as 'the Maesto'. I was in my first job whilst finishing my degree, working as a publicity assistant for arts publicity supremo, Suzie Howie, and even through I didn't actually speak to 'the Maestro' I was terrified of him. Why? I don't know. Probably for no good reason!

Anyway, I digress. Brett Sheehy is the most charming, infectiously enthusiastic man, who is so incredibly generous with his knowledge. I am sure I asked some pretty naive questions - I had no idea what a maquette is, and hadn't heard of half the artists he mentioned - but it didn't matter. I knew so much more after our short time there. Brett's art collection is so lovingly put together, with every piece having a great story. And the books.... so many big glossy books... and they had all been very well thumbed through, with post-it notes sticking out of the pages. So when I left Brett's home, instead of having the usual case of 'home envy', I was also suffering the effects of art envy, book envy, knowledge envy. But, I felt incredibly lucky to have this gig, and to have met another amazing, creative Australian.

The Melbourne Festival runs from October 8-23. Go!


photo by Mike Baker, copyright owned by Fairfax Ltd.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

this shoot, I am trying not to buy...

my hallway is filling up again, ahead of a Savvy Shopper page I am styling later on this week, and I was thrilled to find this old primary school art room unit at

It's a great vintage furniture store, located out in Montmorency, so check out the website, it could be worth the drive! The very kind Tim dropped it in here yesterday, and I couldn't resist checking out how it would look in my hallway. Hmm, very cute indeed, sitting under my Gemma Jones gocco prints ( and with my Holmegaard Gulvase-style vases from Spotlight on top. It's one of those things that I don't have the space for now, but know I will kick myself in the future if I don't buy it.

ps. if you like it - there is an orange one there too...


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gorgeous Melbourne home - Camilla d'Antoine of Mozi

I am feeling very refreshed after two whole days with no work - something that hasn't happened for over five weeks. I am very grateful to report that I have been really, really busy, doing all sorts of lovely styling and writing jobs. Here is one of them - the divine Melbourne home of Camilla d'Antoine, designer and co-owner of Mozi homewares (with her sister Olivia- how nice is that?)

Sometimes I find homes for this page through people's PR's, or through mutual friends, or through people I chat up in shops. Really, I do chat up people for their houses everywhere, but I need to work on my chat-up lines - "So.... what's your place like?" is so lame. I need to find something much cooler.

Anyway, I didn't actually find Camilla's home. Dougal, my 11 month old nut-case of a Golden retriever did. Well, he chatted up Super Ted, Camilla's cute as a button Cairn Terrier at our local dog park. I think Dougs has better lines than me. So I met Super Ted, then I met Camilla, found out who she was and what she did, and having been a Mozi fan for some time, it all sprang from there. Now my daughter Alex is chatting up Camilla's daughter, Aggie (aka the beautiful baby who never stops smiling) because she wants to be her babysitter in a few years time. And I think her lines are better that mine too!

This appeared in the Sunday Life magazine today. Photography by Mike Baker, copy and styling by me. Copyright owned by Fairfax.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

shiny, happy shoot

here is my latest Savvy Shopper offering that appeared in the Sunday Age M Magazine this morning. As a fully paid-up, card carrying Leo, I am apparently supposed to love a bit of gold, and I do! I badly wanted those chairs from Tarlo & Graham, and I am still quite keen on the Tank U bud vase. But being highly virtuous at the moment, the only thing I bought from this shoot was the $4 gold paper doilies from the craft store.

Photo by Mike Baker, owned by Fairfax. Shoot styled by me, ably assisted by the lovely Miranda LaFleur. Text also by me.