Friday, March 25, 2011

For backyard fun - just add water!

When Jem, the girls and I moved back to Melbourne after living in Sydney for four years, the thing we missed most was being in close proximity to water i.e. Australia's most famous stretch of water, Bondi Beach.  We spent sooo much time there - whether swimming, running, occasionally sleeping, walking the beautiful Bondi to Bronte beach path, or observing the girls every Sunday morning at North Bondi Nippers.  We loved it.  

Our Melbourne yard had become a barren dustbowl, thanks to six years of drought. We knew it needed attention, so we investigated the in-ground pool scene.  Being somewhat spontaneous (and really quite impatient) we found that the quickest (and by far the most inexpensive) option was to sink a pre-made fibreglass shell into our yard.  No extra tiling costs, no month of waiting for the concrete to cure - and it was late November.  Hey, we could be holding bombing comps by Christmas!!!

So, we engaged Matt from MBuild to fix us up.  And three weeks later we were in splashdown mode - I kid you not.  The most exciting day was the first - we awoke at 6am to find men taking down a panel in our fence, and we went to sleep to the sound of our girls trying to sneak out for another quick swim.  A few days later, it was Christmas - we had our families here - and we really haven't stopped having fun since.

You can click on the images below to enlarge them...

from a barren rose garden to a construction site..

So exciting. At 2.30pm the crane arrived, quickly followed by the water tankers.  Alex jumped in immediately!

In a few days the paving was done, the glass fence was up, and the Buffalo grass rolled out.  Instant backyard fun. 
It really was that simple - just add water.



  1. That looks awesome! I'm in Melbourne and have been wanting to get a pool put in for ages. Poo Poo to mowing all that grass every week!

    Did you have any issues with MBuild?

  2. No, they were terrific. We spoke to about four companies and they were by far the most impressive. And sweeping leaves out of a pool is much more fun than mowing!