Monday, March 14, 2011

meet Eric!

Allow me to introduce you to the newest Nette-King.  This is Eric Northman (yes, I am a massive Trueblood fan).

I found Eric during an excellent long weekend of op-shopping, garage sale-ing and vintage store rummaging. I was feeling very lucky when Annebelle and I pulled into The Mill vintage market in Newcomb near Geelong, but I certainly didn't expect to leave with a goat in my arms.  Annebelle cleaned up too, scoring lots of lovely vintage clothing that only a thirteen year old can get away with wearing.  I also found heaps of vintage bowling balls at a garage sale - not sure what I'll do with them yet, but they'll come in handy one day, I suppose!

Jem and Dougal
The rest of the weekend was spent as planned: sleeping, eating, reading and walking the hound along the beach.  Tomorrow, it's back to the real world.


  1. This is so cool! My husbands name is Eric, he's Swiss is not a goat but does have a goatie!! LOL

  2. Oh that is hilarious! We are all cracking up. Hx

  3. That is so manly, I can't cope! Although I am pleased that Eric is resting awhile with you for some unknown reason... do you feel like you are being watched? x C

  4. yes we do, and Dougal despises him!

    And don't worry I am not going thru a dark decorating period - we plan to tart Eric up with some pearls, etc very soon! hx