Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my jelly is way below (Bompas and) Parr...

Lately I have been obsessing over pictures of the incredible UK jellymongers, Bompas and Parr.  Oh the colours, the shapes, the lights, the drama... I love everything about their styling.  If you haven't seen their work, do check it out.

So when my poor baby Annebelle (I know, she's 13, but she's still my baby) had to have three teeth out today as part of her epic orthodontic adventure, I thought I'd do something special:  I broke out the Aeroplane jelly and tried to put on a Bompas and Parr inspired feast. I mean how hard can it be?  Even I can cook jelly....

Hmmm, the results were less than fabulous - I think I had better buy the Bompas and Parr book.



  1. I found your blog through Jen's blog. You are such a talented interior stylist and I am going to follow your lovely blog from today onwards. I am linking you so I hope you don't mind.

    Have a great day!

    Jessie from www.mixandchic.com

  2. My biggest (baby) girl is also on that wild ortho ride. She's a big fan of jelly & risotto these days.

  3. Great post! Take a look at the making of Bompas & Parr's re-imagining of The Last Supper at jotta and Intel's Remastered exhibition: