Thursday, March 3, 2011

"yeah, actually, I'm a film investor...."

Imagine, saying that to... your frenemies, your parents, the other mum's at drop-off or soccer training, the annoying neighbour.  Bliss.

Well, it has never been so easy.

My friend, the partner of Mich, the father of Mima, Frankie and Wilco, the uncle of Jasper, Felix and Gus, also known as Vogue photographer extraordinaire, musician and publisher, Max Doyle, is about to direct his first short film.  Called 'Arc', it is written by Amanda Maxwell and will star Iasbelle Cornish.

Shooting starts in April.  Pre-production is underway.  You only have to glance at Max's achievements to know this will be a beautiful thing.

So why not add 'film investor' to your title?  I'm adding to mine - along with 'average cook' and 'the most curvaceous Real Living cover model ever'.

Go to

for details.  Supporting the arts has never been so easy, or so cool!


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