Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gorgeous Melbourne home - Nic MacIsaac of Magnolia Square

Nic MacIsaac's GFR

as it appeared in Sunday Life today.

Yes, gorgeous.  From the front gate to the back fence, Nic MacIsaac's home is truly scrumptious. The extremely lovely and talented founder of the Magnolia Square markets sure knows how to make a beautiful home. It is traditionally elegant at the front (that's the Good Front Room, shown above), and more clean lined and contemporary at the back.  This is the Sunday Life 'my space' page that appeared this morning in the Sunday Age in Victoria and The Sun Herald in NSW - the one with the exquisite Rose Byrne on the cover.

Interview and styling by me, photos by Mike Baker, copyright owned by Fairfax Ltd.


  1. This is stunning - love the contrast of the super luxurious wallpaper with the weathered timber furniture.

  2. Hi Heather- your site is gorgeous, and i loved reading your 'my space' page, it led me to your blog!

    I thrive on reading about design and pour over magazines and blogs...I'm currently studying a diploma in interior design and whilst I'm not sure which direction I'll go in once i've graduated, i've been considering writing or working with a magazine. I just wondered if you had any advice of how to mobilise this plan/how to infiltrate the writing world! i just started my own blog...

    i know your very busy but any advice would be greatly appreciated! I look forward to following your blog!

    Alice x

  3. My favourite section of the newspaper on the weekend. Lovely work!