Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gorgeous Melbourne home - Tom Adair & Nikki Williams' Richmond terrace

How cool is Tom Adair and Nikki William's home?  When I walked in and saw how they had transformed a seriously daggy and run-down home into this fab, almost loft-like space, I was hooked.  Tom sanded and limed the baltic pine floorboards himself (something I wish I had the strength to do here at my place). They have THE most well-trained dog I have ever met in Sookie (named after Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood - more coolness).  Now, Tom may look like a rock-star (I really hope he doesn't mind me saying that), but he is actually the very clever creative director at Abode Living. He also paints, under the pseudonym of Juan Mcarb, and Nikki is an international buyer for Forever New.  Even more coolness.  Sigh...

This page appeared in the Sunday Life magazine (with the Sunday Age in Victoria and the Sun Herald in NSW) yesterday.

Photo by Mike Baker.  Writing and styling by me.  Perfect obedience by Sookie. Copyright owned by Fairfax.



  1. Love the LV wall picture, ha, ha ;)

  2. I really loved this one H... just beautifully balanced with the hound as the hero! xx C

  3. Such a very "Melbourne" home, isn't it? Very groovy.

  4. So beautiful, amazing...great! I love it! :-*

  5. OMG where is the picture from? Is it one of his? xx

  6. Yes, both the LV and the Diet paintings are by clever Tom (Juan!)