Thursday, August 4, 2011

this shoot, I am trying not to buy...

This morning I was out and about sourcing some goodies for an upcoming Savvy Shopper shoot for the Sunday Age M Magazine when I spotted this DIVINE little '50s chair.

Someone really should buy this.  If you don't, I will.  Even though I cannot justify another chair at the mo....

So quick sticks, grab your $220 and get to

Bes 62,
39 Station Street Malvern, Victoria,

(03) 9509 0390.  


  1. Oh it's gorgeous! I hope somebody buys it who will love it properly. Me? I am drowning under too much furniture....

  2. The chair advocate has spoken!! It is a great chair but being in Ireland just can't zip over and snatch it up!
    Happy Sourcing. Lisa aka Nenaghgal

  3. If only! It's the PERFECT deck chair!!!!! x

  4. There's an even better one on ebay in Adelaide at the moment for $80 ...

    Sadly my house is already overflowing with chairs :-(

  5. Perfect to curl up in for those early morning mag reads and a cup of tea outside...