Friday, September 23, 2011

just hanging around this week...

the daisy chandelier, hanging around on the veranda

picked up for a song at a home-wrecking sale

the first lilac bloom from the garden
It was a busy week, but I don't have much to show for it.  Worked on two cute shoots, but can't show them yet.  Started work on an exciting new project helping to decorate a gorgeous home, but again, zip to show.  Today I did manage to finally hang up the daisy chandelier I bought at a house wreck sale a month or so ago.  And picked the first blooms from the lilac.


  1. I'd give you big bucks for that chandelier - if you're ever over it or want to swap for a pic? let me know xx

  2. Hi Heather, you snagged yourself an absolute bargain with the that gorgeous chandelier. Check out this very, very similar one at Montreux Trading in High St, Prahran:

    Cheers, Lee

  3. Hi Lee, ooh yes, I paid $50 for mine! Gotta love a bargain.

    And Mich - whilst I would love to do a swap, Miss Alexandra DAISY King has dibs on this when we do up her room.