Sunday, September 18, 2011

gorgeous Melbourne home - Kirsty Macafee's wonderful family abode

Sometimes when Mike Baker and I turn up to a home to shoot a page for the Sunday Age/Sun Herald M magazine, he could literally point his camera in any direction, and it would capture loveliness.  Kirsty Macafee's home is one of those - it is light, airy, homely, and if finding cool stuff was an Olympic sport, Australia would have a serious champion in Kirsty.

I love the line in her interview when Kirsty says "It's all about nostalgia for me...  I like things that remind me of my childhood, my grandparents, my family, our hobbies".  Well,  a home put together with that kind of sentiment and love will always win hands down to one put together with a massive cheque book as far as I am concerned!

Likewise, Kirsty's blog, is thoughtful, inspiring and very beautiful. Can you tell I am a fan?

Here is the page that appeared in the Sun Herald (NSW) and the Sunday Age (Vic) M Magazine yesterday. Photo by Mike Baker, styling and interview by me.  Copyright Fairfax Media.



  1. That is so right. I always say if you decorate your home with things you love, you can't go wrong!

  2. I hadn't got round to reading the sun herald mag so it was a nice surprise to see Kirsty's lovely things all together like that :-) Love that light!

  3. I loved having you both at my place...drop in any time!

    Thanks Heather. x

  4. Agree, a home decorated with things that have meaning are the very best ones of all.