Monday, September 5, 2011

Ikea Springvale - it's no Småland!

the cute sign in the staff area (in my favourite font - the one I used on my business card)

This morning I trekked out along Dandenong Road to attend a media tour of the new IKEA store in Springvale. There I was, peering out my side window,  searching in vain for a street number, when I turned my gaze ahead and out of the distance arose the blue and yellow monolith that is the new store -  let me tell you, no street numbers are required.  It is huge!

How huge?  The size of two MCG's (that's 36,000 square metres, or half as big as the Richmond store again).

How huge?  The walking track through the store is two km's (long enough to justify the $1 hotdog on exit, I say)

How huge?  There are 63 room-sets that display the 9000 IKEA products.

And the IKEA people have really used the size to their advantage.  What I liked most was the use of areas to create inspirational sets (see the dining room and book room ones below).  The visual merchandisers have really had fun with these areas, and they do provide a breath of fresh air in the product laden store.

a few trolleys ready for the loading!

OMG this machine cleans every one of the balls in the ballroom, or Smaland!

The new IKEA opens in Springvale this coming Thursday, September 8th.

Thanks to Jude and Jess at IKEA for the tour.



  1. I wont need to work out, i'll just do a few laps of Ikea.x

  2. I'm really, really, REALLY looking forward to the bigger store. One day I'll make the trek up and spend the day there (although I think 2 hotdogs might be more in order) ...

  3. OMG, Im sooo jealous, could get lost for days in there!!

  4. Dragged Max there yesterday - dropped a few to many doulas.
    Love an Ikea trip and as we found, out so does Wilco!

  5. 2kms - walking around the new Ikea store deserves a jam donut as well as a hot dog!

  6. It's soooo good to know those balls get cleaned!

  7. Squee! I have my list ready and waiting - I drive past Ikea springvale every day to and from work....eep the anticipation! I'm so impatient.

  8. I never leave Ikea empty handed so I can only imagine what going to a bigger store would do to my wallet. How excting you got to visit before everyone else!