Sunday, September 18, 2011

weekend highlight - a visit to Widow Twankey's Confectionery Emporium.

The minute we mention to our youngest sweet-tooth that we are planning a trip to the country, her eyes light up and she says "Yesssss! Widow Twankey's".  From then on she doesn't let up until we have visited this gorgeous 'confectionary emporium', at least once.  But just look at the place - don't you think this is exactly what a fine lolly establishment should look like?  Mouthwateringly decadent. Today we stocked up on chocolate pencils, chocolate coated raspberries, raspberry drops and of course, umbrella lollypops.  Oh, and they make a great chocolate milkshake.

Widow Twankeys is in the main street of  lovely Clunes.



  1. Will you take us when we come down at christmas?

  2. Wow, looks like lolly heaven!! Love todays shoot/story in Sunday Herald, great stuff!

  3. white chocolate covered raspberries for me