Saturday, October 1, 2011


Collections are funny things.  Ever wonder what it is about something that makes you want to possess it? And more of it?  And then some more?  What is the attraction?  I have been adding to a few collections lately.  No big splurges -  just good, clean collecting fun.  Then I started thinking about what I am collecting, and wondering why...

I collect religious iconography when I am an aethiest?

I collect royal memorabilia when I am pro-rebublican?

I collect old trophies when I never won one myself...well, that's kinda awkward!

I collect every tooth that my children lose... (I think that's just called rabid sentimentality).

The old cameras make sense...

Old books, got that figured.



  1. There's something about Mary!! and Im not in to religion either but she is so serene.

  2. I collect Japanese dip glazed mugs. Nothing special, just the mugs that everyone used in the 80s. Go figure!