Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pomp and Splendour...

Monday was a massive day - it  started with a slow drive through hideous rain to Geelong to photograph a gorgeous home that will appear soon in Sunday Life.  Mike and I got back to the studio by 2.30ish to start on an M magazine Savvy Shopper shoot.  It was a biggy - with floorboards needing to be lugged to the upstairs studio, sets to be rigged, furniture to be hauled.  But, there was a ray of sunshine on that cold, wet, busy day  - when gorgeous florist Petra Cremming of Pomp and Splendour arrived with the most beautiful buckets of blooms for the shoot.

Petra contacted me a little while ago and told me all about her business - she has been an actress, and now specialises in creating drama of a different kind - with flowers.  I asked if she'd like to be involved in this shoot, and proceeded to give her a long-winded description of the kind of floral look I was after - and quick as a flash she came back to me and said, "Yep, got it. Marie-Antoinette meets Frida Kahlo".  Yep, she got it, and the flowers were amazing.  You will see them in the M Mag in  few weeks time.
And,  I now have a new favourite rose - Oh Mr Lincoln how amazing you smell!

In the meantime, do check out her beautiful work and blog here:

Petra Cremming
Pomp and Splendour



  1. You SO know I am intrigued as to where you went, what suburb and who it was. Can't wait to see your stylish work (-:

  2. Mr Lincoln my fav, stunning colour and real perfume, joy oh joy :)

  3. Very nice home made quilts and cloth decorations for the home.It is these little warm efforts of the residents which make life so interesting and add fun and color to life.