Thursday, October 27, 2011

White floors. Not in this lifetime...

My floor.  What can I say? It drives me nuts. It  shits me to tears.  Most of the house has baltic pine boards.  I used to love them, but it's all over now.  They hurt my eyes.

My kitchen floor has been every colour of the rainbow.  Yet, each time I see some gorgeous, sublime Scandi home with the white boards, I sigh.  So for the last few months I have been trying in vain, again, to be that pristine, cool, white-floored home-owner.  Grand fail.  I have kids, a job, a dog and a cat - it was never going to be anything but hard work.

So this morning I had exactly one spare hour between Annebelle's ongoing orthodontic adventure, and a meeting, so I gave the repulsive white floor a cursory clean, then splashed around some paint I had stored in the laundry (Dulux Lickedy Lick, left over from the shoot here a while back).  So once again, my kitchen floor is hot pink.

I have tried everything - marine paint, sealers, pro-strength stuff that cost a fortune.  Nothing really stands up to the everyday wear and tear of family life.  So, I have vowed to save my pennies and get all of the floors throughout the house professionally sanded back, properly limed, and sealed.  No more painting the floor.  Ever.

Has anyone had any luck personally with painted wood floors? If so, I want to know your secrets?


  1. Hi Heather - wow is that a shot of your kitchen floor? I think it looks amazing if it is! And you did that in an hour??

    Anyway, I white washed my pine floors and love them! I have three young girls but because they are not pure white and quite rustic looking the odd dirt smudge or scratch doesn't matter to much... I had them sanded and sealed with a white wash product by a flooring company and I t didn't cost the earth. Here is a link to shot of them:

    Good luck - but I would stick to the hot pink!

  2. Thanks Paula - it looks great now but in a few weeks it will be scratched to pieces - grrr. I will definitely look at the link, thanks. h

  3. Heather just following on from what sweetwilliam (Paula) said above, my girlfriend went from every colour of painted floors and had the exact same issues as you (working Mum with young family, dogs). Last year she had her floorboards white washed and has said it's the best thing she has ever done. Doesn't show up the dirt, scratches, kiddie/pet mess etc. It also gives that gorgeous Scandi look to her home. She originally had her boards painted black and whilst they looked amazing, it was a disaster and very short lived. Good luck!