Sunday, December 11, 2011

gorgeous Melbourne home - Maria Malakellis's mid-century marvel!

Here is the wonderful Melbourne base of Maria Malakellis, who owns Kiitos in Barwon Heads. This home has seen a few incarnations - back in the 80's this loungeroom was decorated in a chintzy floral ode to English country style. As Maria's life and style evolved, so too has her home, and wow, look at it now. The rest of the home is in seriously original 60's condition, with a fab formica kitchen and great period features. Maria laughingly says how happy she is now that she couldn't afford to renovate it in the 80's or 90's. Yes, there is a lot to be said for preserving a bit of history - even if you have to wait a few decades to appreciate it!
on the page in Sunday Life

This page appeared last weekend in the Sunday Life magazine, supplement to The Sunday Age in Victoria and The Sun Herald in New South Wales. Photo by Mike Baker, interview and styling by moi, copyright owned by Sunday Life / Fairfax Media.



  1. I imagined her home to be filled with all the goodies from the store .. and it is.

    Go Maria (-:

  2. What a beautiful room and I'm so lucky to live just "over the bridge" from her lovely shop.

  3. Thanks Heather and thanks to you all for the lovely comments..nothing is quite like home, and I miss mine terribly when I am in Barwon Heads..