Thursday, January 19, 2012

gorgeous Geelong home - Meg Gilby's beautiful bungalow

How about that wallpaper?  I know, it kills me too.  When Jane showed me a pic of her sister's gorgeous family room I knew it would make a cracker of a Sunday Life 'my space' page.  Meg Gilby, her husband Gareth and their three gorgeous daughters - Lily, Maggie and Violet get to look at this fantastic wall every day.  It's the Pip Studio 'Memories' wallpaper, and it comes in six panels.

Thanks very much to the Gilbys for sharing their beautiful home, and to Jane for alerting me to its loveliness.  Hx

This page appeared in The Sunday Age/Sun Herald Sunday Life mag last Sunday. Photo by Mike Baker, interview and styling by me, copyright owned by Fairfax Media Ltd.


  1. Beautiful wallpaper and I love that amazing piano!

  2. ahhhh that is so ace. those halls' damn them and their and their cool furniture!

  3. Totes amazeballs. Awesomeness must run in their genes. And their jeans. LOVE this home.

  4. love pip studio - they have the most fab bags too le xox

  5. hello there, i just found your blog.
    and i LOVE this wallpaper from pip studio, thought about buying so often.
    a really beautiful room, that reminded mehr of this wallpaper again.. haha shoul i buy it.. i dont know...

    have a look at my blog if you like