Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's time to Feb-Sep fast...

So many of my friends are talking up FebFast.  I know I should join them, but you know, it's a leap year and all that, and 29 days seems like such a very long time sans booze.  Howevs, I am attempting an even more challenging state of denial - it's the Feb-Sept shopping fast.  That's right, I am attempting the trickiest fast of them all, given that I am paid to go and find lovely things in stores. We are madly saving for a family trip to New York in October, so I am endeavouring to swear off shopping for a while. But, I managed to sqeeze in a little pre-fast treat today, unable to resist the ghoul-cute charms of this skull bracelet by Wizzer and Whyte, from Hut 13 in Armadale.

Yep, it's nil by purse from now on. Promise.



  1. Bring on October heh!!
    NY .. NY .. we all loves NY (-:

  2. Wow! Hats off lady, I will happily watch you from the sidelines AND if you see something you love and covet, please blog about it so others can enjoy OK? Sounds like a plan right?

    NY? October. My die.

  3. You have inspired me! We are planning a family holiday to Italy for a month in September and a pre holiday shopping hiatus is exactly what our budget needs!

  4. I'm doing the same thing for the same reason as you (and also because we're still renovating). My shopping fast kicked in on 1 January as our holiday is in July and I've been pretty good so far, spending less than $10 on a couple of cheap house things. It's not so bad when you know you have something fantastic to look forward to :)

  5. Just carry around;
    'A Stylists Guide to New York' by Sibella Court.
    Each time you want to buy something imagine the shopping in New York!!!
    Cheers...Tania Maree xx