Sunday, March 4, 2012

en pointe...

Aside from pale pink and inky black being one of my favourite colour combos, I am a sucker for some ballet chic. Flat shoes, tiaras and tulle get me going every time. I loved coming up with this ballet inspired homewares page that ran in the Sunday Age M magazine this morning. It is me to a tee!

Wonderful photography by Mike Baker. Styling and writing by me. Styling assistant on the day was the extremely talented gal-to-watch, Marsha Golemac.  I reckon you'll be hearing a lot about this girl in the future - in the meantime you can check out her blog at

This page ran in the Sunday Age M Magazine this morning. Copyright Fairfax Media.
on the page today



  1. Wow, it looks awesome......
    Tania Maree xx

  2. I too am a sucker for ballet paraphenalia. I would not know the first thing about what to do with it. But LOVE!

  3. So excited to see Marsha's name in your post - we used to work together, she's ace! : )

  4. Stunning Mrs King... one of my favourites. Tell me again how I ended up with 3 boys and no one to torture with ballet? xx C