Saturday, September 29, 2012


Daytripping, in the Sunday Age M Magazine.  Photo by Mike Baker, Styling by Heather Nette King, copyright Fairfax  Media 
Man this was a fun one...

I had been thinking about doing a luxe picnic scene for a Savvy Shopper page for a while, but just couldn't work out what kind of styling angle I would take. The 'romantic car on a dusty country road, with rolling hills and fields of flowers' look is beautiful, but its been well and truly done before. So I thought about creating that kind of look, but in a really faux, manufactured, studio environment. It needed to be so obviously fake, and kinda cartoon-glossy, and hyperreal. Like a ridiculous 50's auto ad. And it had to be pretty!

One word to my ole mate Mikey Baker and he was all over it. I was going to paint a crazy pink backdrop (natch) but he showed me the fabulous fake sky canvases available for hire at Illusions Studio, and it all came together. All we needed was a tonne of shiny, clipped fake grass, and Melbourne's most stunning and stylish car. Enter Melbourne's most stunning and stylish car-owner, Lyn Gardiner from Empire Vintage with her wonderful 1965 Mercedes Benz Roadster.  Add a delicious hamper, from wonder-caterers, The Big Group, and we had ourselves a picnic.

Here's how the day went...

the cyc is ready for action

Lyn drops off her magnificent 1965 Mercedes Benz Roadster. Thanks Lyn.
 No car envy at all... No.
the gorgeous painted canvas goes up

Mike manoeuvres her into place

Pop in some nature. The incredible blossom is from Impulse Flower Wholesalers

Mike lights it like a sunny day then I add in the final touches - more nature!

Then, what did we do?  Of course, like any picnic, we drank the champagne, ate the cheese, packed up and went home!


This image appeared in the Sunday Age M magazine today, Sunday 30th September 2012. Copyright Fairfax Media


  1. This is magnificent.
    I really love it ;O)
    I like seeing the whole process too.
    And I think you earned the Champagne......seems a shame to waste it.
    Tania xx

  2. Thanks for showing us the magic behind your work, I laughed at the tripods holding up the blossom branches, very clever!

  3. Love all the colour, that car is gorgeous, is that a light fitting in your boot, I would love that.

  4. This is incredible Heather. Love it!

  5. Just too fabulous for words Heather! Such a groovy styling project so much more luxe than a dusty road rolling hills picnic and with more impact I am sure.

  6. Looks great - Heather! I have wanted to say well done on you and your home being featured in Elle Decoration Uk a few months back - the best magazine ever I think, you must have been thrilled! Paula x