Sunday, September 9, 2012

gorgeous Melbourne home, Cathryn Wills and John Wessels

"She has a shoe-seum", remarked my eldest, Annebelle, when she took a look Armelle's beautiful shots of Cathryn Wills' and John Wessel's bedroom. Yes, indeed, Cathryn does have a shoe-seum.  Her whole place is a cool-seum, for that matter. Tell you what, the more houses I visit, the more I love to see the unexpected, the kooky, the raw personality of the owners.  I am crazy about homes that people put together to please just themselves, and that are true indications of what delights their own eyes. And Cathryn and John's is a cracker!


On the pages - in yesterday's Sun Herald / Sunday Age Sunday Life magazine

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    Home by Novogratz
    Release date Oct 9 2012

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