Saturday, October 27, 2012

annual leave!

Well hello!  I've had a month off the blog, and have loads to report in on. Heaps of gorgeous Melbourne homes to show you, lots of new homewares that I have spied, and some other very exciting things coming up. But to kick off, I thought I'd share a small selection of my favourite photos from our recent trip to the States. It was the most amazing family holiday - with each day surpassing the last.  Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have probably seen most of these, and more.  This recount is a mix of  places, homewares and family - like many bloggers I know, it's really hard to work out how much of your personal life to include. Do readers like? Hate it? Is it professional? Should this be a work only blog? Aaargh. I have no idea. It's a bit of everything and I hope that's OK.

Our LA digs - the glamorous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - where poolside, it's like stepping into a scene from Entourage. Waitresses in high heels and bikinis. Yes.
The girls chill in in the foyer - the adjoining ballroom was home to the first Academy Awards and Marilyn M lived there for two years.  Fab Hollywood history and always a buzz.  TV shows being shot there, industry parties at night - it's a cracker.
My darling Al deep in thought with a lollypop 
Jez and the girls - I LOVE this shot

The first of 7000 Anthropologie stores I visited
Inspiration at a Johnathan Adler store

I bought this cute Diana to capture memories on film
Allie - about to have a fit after watching a scene from Glee being filmed.
Jez at his spiritual home
we arrive in NYC

the Brooklyn Flea Market - oh where was my shipping container???

the best meal we had - at MOMA restaurant upstairs.  Sorry for lack of more images - too busy eating.

Poor old me had to work a bit  - but how can you complain in a location like this?

The amazing wall and seat decals in a subway carriage. Metro trains are you listening?
They were probably texting each other! In the foyer of our first NY hotel, the Marcel at Grammercy.

Kate Spade  - no words

a year of saving pocket and birthday monies paid off for the girls.  They could shop for Australia,

public art on the Highline

Fab lightbox headboard with Lee Friedlander image at our second NY hotel, the Thompson LES.

A day of strolling through Central park
and a night at a Yankees playoff - we are talking hotdogs, crackerjacks and Derek Jeter.  So ace!

Thank you to my ever-patient family for waiting outside ABC Carpet & Home for what may have been hours...

This is in Vegas, our last stop.  I wasn't sure whether to be glad there was a hip restaurant space in our hotel (The Hard Rock, lol) or disappointed - we went there for tack!

and finally,  Jez.

So it's back to the real world for us.  And back to saving hard for our next trip - to wherever that may be.



  1. How amazing Heather!!!
    I love the personal bits in your blog......
    Judging by the outfits you must have had some luggage! Did you bring home anything exciting from Anthropologie or ABC Home???
    Tania xx

    1. Hello Tania - yes a few plates and books from Anthro, some cool stuff from Urban Outfitters, but the best shopping of my life was had at the Kate Spade outlet in Vegas. It was INSANE! Lots of photos taken and inspiration was gleamed at ABC - it was so, so beautifully fitted out. xxxx

  2. This post just went and filled me up! Thank you. Amazing! Made me so excited for trips ahead for Rob and I and our girls when they are big. Thanks SO much for sharing x

    1. Thanks Beth - likewise, I drank up every moment of your recent trip! Bless the blogs and insty, I say!

  3. Beautiful Mrs King. Those photos of the girls, all of them, are gold xx C

  4. So very jealous of your trip. I loved keeping up with the holiday in real time and am now loving seeing it all here too. AND it's nice to have you back in town. x

  5. Sounds so fabulous, love the candid family photos. Family trips like that leave such a lasting impression.
    You have a very understanding husband by the looks of all the homewards shopping!
    My daughter is off to Vegas soon, I'll give her the tip about the Kate Spade store.
    Penny x

  6. great pics of your trip and gorgeous family... anthropologie and abc, temples of awe!

  7. Great photos, Heather! Loved seeing the Roosevelt again, we stayed there too and loved it, it really is like being an extra in a TV show when you stay there. Look forward to seeing some of your souvenirs on here too :)

  8. I loved this personal post, especially when it reminds me of my own holidays. I think I walked into every Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters store I saw as well. ABC is on my To Do list when I eventually get to New York as well.

    PS. Your girls are gorgeous. Loving their personal style!!

  9. Fabulous holiday pics! Looks like you and your family had a great time.
    The Booklyn flea markets...sensational! Every home needs a pink elephant with umbrella

  10. Fantastic images of NY! Thanks for reminding me that I need to visit the Big Apple AGAIN!