Saturday, March 31, 2012

what I adore...

Good morning!

Something appeared in my inbox this morning that helped to snap me out of the post-daylight-savings doldrums (Summer - why must you leave us so soon?)  It was the new issue of the must-read Aussie online interiors mag, Adore. and, I am extremely chuffed to be featured in the blog loving pages, listing just a few of the online purchases that I am lusting after at the moment.  Yes, just a few.

Well there goes my plans to work/clean the house/wash to dog this morning.  I am going to be settling in for a nice long read.  Thanks Adore!  You can check it all out here:


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Savvy Shopper - ode to the bowl

(loving that Ercol chair and the I Need Nice Things print...)

I haven't done a behind-the-scenes post for a while, so here are some iphone snaps I took at the Sunday Age Savvy Shopper 'bowls' shoot we did a few weeks back.  As you'll see, Mike and I have a rather lame-but-fun-for-us tradition of jumping into the shot once we have finished shooting - I have some crackers that will NEVER, EVER see the light of day as we look way too

a) hideously tired
b) dishevelled
c) uncool
d) paint covered
e) sweaty
f) really uncool

Yep, she's a glamorous life.  Here's how the day unfolded...
yum, all that lovely product, let's make it beautiful.

(insert break here for a quick but mandatory chilli burger at the Yellow Bird in Chapel Street ,Windsor)

then we are done, so it's time to goof off...

Mike is clearly "internalising a complicated situation in his hid"

and finally, here is how it ended up on the page...

These images and copy appeared in the Sunday Age M magazine last Sunday.  Photography by Mike Baker, styling and writing by me, copyright owned by Fairfax Media Ltd.

As always, do contact me for any product/stockist info.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Honey, I need to shrink the kids...

This morning I was out and about propping for a few very exciting shoots next week, and saw this divine little vintage girls dress.  I told myself it was for a shoot, but really, I am a sucker for this stuff and probably would have bought it anyway  If only my girls were still tiny enough to rock it!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

flower market...

Here's what I picked up for $5 at the Camberwell Market this morning - a lovely little painting.

Last week was just the right amount of busy - loads of writing, planning, painting and propping.  And a recce visit to my favourite place, Queenscliff, to check out some beautiful homes. More of the same this week - with a shoot or two thrown in.  Good fun.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Marsha Golemac paper rosettes

I mentioned the lovely Marsha Golemac here - and now I want to show you some amazing paper rosettes she has made me for a shoot.  Marsha is a stationery and homewares developer, a lover of paper, and she makes beautiful things for events, special occasions, and just for her own satisfaction - I love that.

How fab are these rosettes?  You can check out Marsha's blog here.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

golden delicious...

the Freedom Spaghetti occasional table
Look what arrived here on Friday evening  - it's the beautiful, limited edition 'Spaghetti' occasional table from Freedom. Isn't she glam? Gorgeous lines.

How perfect that it's called an 'occasional' table.  It was a special occasion - my lovely friend Sonya was visiting from Adelaide.  And on that occasion we needed somewhere to rest our special occasional bubbles.  Not that they lasted long, mind you...

If you need a glamorous special occasional piece like this - hot-foot it to Freedom while they still have stock. PS, it's only $129.


Monday, March 5, 2012

gorgeous Melbourne home - Bob Wong's arty loft

Bob Wong is an evolutionary biologist.  I love knowing an evolutionary biologist - I feel smarter just by saying it. Anyway... here is another fabulous Melbourne home that I got to spend a morning hanging out in. Bob lives here with his partner, Nathan Geary, and as you can see, they love a bit of art. Bob's knowledge of the art and artists is, you guessed it, very good, and you can tell this collection has been put together with a load of passion. My favourite piece is the Yawkyawk sculpture, with its delicate little tufts of magpie goose feathers.

A big thanks to Bob and Nathan for sharing their amazing home with Sunday Life readers. This page appeared in the Sunday Life magazine (supplement to The Sunday Age in Victoria and The Sun Herald in NSW) last Sunday. Photography by Mike Baker, interview and styling by me. Copyright owned by Fairfax Media.
on the page,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

en pointe...

Aside from pale pink and inky black being one of my favourite colour combos, I am a sucker for some ballet chic. Flat shoes, tiaras and tulle get me going every time. I loved coming up with this ballet inspired homewares page that ran in the Sunday Age M magazine this morning. It is me to a tee!

Wonderful photography by Mike Baker. Styling and writing by me. Styling assistant on the day was the extremely talented gal-to-watch, Marsha Golemac.  I reckon you'll be hearing a lot about this girl in the future - in the meantime you can check out her blog at

This page ran in the Sunday Age M Magazine this morning. Copyright Fairfax Media.
on the page today


Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's back!  I missed the flower wall too much so it has been re-installed in the hallway.

And may I pre-empt any discussions regarding how the bearded, six-foot-five member of this household feels about the proliferation of pinkness here by stating that he has no truck with the prevailing colour/gender paradigm.  And on many times I have offered him a little piece of wall, or a shelf on which to display his Carlton memorabilia, or a Weg poster, or a Warney doll, and he has always politely declined.

So he's down with the pink, OK?  How else would I have stuck those rose pictures up so high at 10.30 last night.  Onya Jez. xxxx