Thursday, January 10, 2013

home...and not at home

I have been thinking a lot about home this week. I've always thought that home is anywhere you lay your knives and forks, and put your sheets on the bed. Anywhere in the world. But even though I have technically been at home all week (beach house plans were thwarted by work), it hasn't really felt like home as my darling big girl Annebelle is away on a school trip to Paris. I am so thrilled for her - it's such a wonderful adventure for a fifteen year old. She is with beautiful, kind friends and great teachers, but man I miss that sunny kid.  I know Jem and Al are feeling it too.

So we have been keeping busy.

Al's doll Phoebe won the coveted role of Glynda in the Broadway production of Wicked, so she is busy with wardrobe duties.  Dougal has been busy stealing sequins.  Sugar the cat has been really, really hungry - lol what's new?  I have been sourcing some of the most divine homes to shoot (cant wait!) and captioning some shoots I adored working on last year.

Jem and Al and I have also been putting in the hard yards on the field  - and I have just had to see my physio to have my newly developed sports injury seen to.  Well,  if seizing your neck up after watching 22 episodes of Friday Night Lights over four nights isn't technically a sports injury, I don't know what is?

I have been dreaming up some projects for our home - mostly involving paint and fabric.  And like everyone, planning for 2013.  Bring it on, I say (and hurry home Belle xxxx).


  1. I understand the home thing completely. I can't even imagine home without any of them. about 1/2 a minute they'll be moving out!

    As for Friday Night Lights. We obviously need to discuss this...& the merits of Tim Riggins! xx

    1. Hah! that is hilarious. he is my fave - a young Johnny Depp! Will discuss.