Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gorgeous nursery inspiration from Dulux

I am so, so excited to share these images from Dulux's brand new 'Inspiring Nursery Ideas' campaign that I styled late last year.  What a dream brief! Together with the amazing Bree Leech, Dulux's Colour & Communications Expert, and the extremely clever Leanne Pearce, Dulux's Senior Brand Manager,  we came up with six very differently themed nurseries - from the traditional pink or blue rooms through to the hipster baby cave.

It was such fun, buzzing around town collecting the props to bring these themes to life.  And I have gotta say, baby furniture has come a long way in the (not that many) years since we were buying it. Babies are sooo cool these days.

I got to work with amazing photographer Jesper Nielsen for the first time (he was ably assisted by gorgeous Rebecca Newman), and over the course of a week, six rooms at three locations were transformed into the most adorable nurseries - a girl could almost get clucky! (just kiddin' Jez).

I need to give a massive thanks to all of the companies who supplied the furniture and props - you can find a full listing of suppliers at the Dulux website).

And, also over at the Dulux site, you can download the instructions for creating the paint effects and some of the craft ideas.  I highly recommend the beautiful scallop pattern on the fireplace in the 'Dreamy Baby' room - we used my lounge room for that shot, and I loved the look so much we've kept it!

And now - can you guess which is my favourite room? ps, no prizes.... I am way too predictable for that.


Dulux Inspiring Nurseries campaign

For Dulux:
Leanne Pearce, Senior Brand Manager
Bree Leech,  Colour & Communications expert

Photographer: Jesper Nielsen
Assistant: Rebecca Newman

Clemenger BBDO
Melissa Scott, Senior Account Director
Tanya Green, Senior Communications Manager
Shane Dawson, Art Director
Nicholas Short, Production Manager

Heather Nette King

Advising Midwife
Shevaun O'Loghlan


  1. That was my favourite bit and I didn't pick it as your lounge room. Very clever.
    Your favourite would have to be the brights or the pink?
    T xx

  2. That is - I can't choose between the pinks!

  3. Really Lovely Heather! I'm crossed between Vintage and Creative as my fav's!
    A great team effort! :)

  4. So gorgeous Mrs King... I have never been in a position to have a dedicated 'nursery'(Gus currently occupies the walk in wardrobe) Love them all x

  5. Sugar baby would be my guess and do more than one of those rooms look familiar? Nice work! x