Wednesday, May 1, 2013

gorgeous Melbourne home - Mish Lilley

food stylist Mish Lilley at home in Melbourne

I love it when grandeur meets modern-glam at full pelt!

Welcome to Mish and Ben Lilley's Melbourne home - once a stately, if a little stuffy, grand residence, these two have transformed it into a stately, yet powerfully cool family home.  How?  With a fabulous blend of colour confidence, individuality, wit and passion. There's loads of black and white - with the added kicker of hot orange, yellow and pink.  It is, quite simply, delicious!

Check our Mish's foodie adventures here:

This page appeared in The Sunday Age / Sun Herald Sunday Life magazine recently. Photos by Armelle Habib. story and styling by Heather Nette King, copyright owner by Fairfax Media.


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  1. Love it - we have just finished building our home, very stark black and white and now need to add some colour = this is great inspiration.