Monday, May 13, 2013

Paula Kilpatrick's Country Style..

Paula Kilpatrick at Tuppenny Farm
I think everyone who follows Paula Kilpatrick on instagram does a wistful little sigh when she posts those delightful early morning pics of the sheep, the alpacas and her gorgeous gang of dogs.  I know I do.  Paula has the perfect blend of city and country life, and her warmth and sense of humour make us all want to be her best friend. Again, I know I do!

I had the great pleasure of visiting Paula at Tuppenny Farm, near Heathcote,  a while back when Lisa Cohen and I covered it for Country Style.  The story appears in the May issue, which is on sale now.

Lisa and I shot another home for Country Style last week - one that is very close to my heart - so I can't wait to share that.


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