Saturday, June 1, 2013

Masterchef Australia 2013 - the publicity shoot

Masterchef Australia 2013 - Photography by John Tsiavis, set styling by Heather Nette King
All shoots should be this much crazy fun (already it seems I have forgotten the exhaustion, stress, excitement... - it's kinda like childbirth in that respect).

Together with the fab teams from Ten (led by Anthony McCarthy) and Shine (Nat Kaplan) , and headed by celebrity photographer extraordinary, John Tsiavis (and his gang of excellent assistants) we spent another full-on day in the studio creating the publicity stills for the new Masterchef series that starts on-air tonight.

We shot Matt, Gary and George on five different sets - three of which I'll show you here. No prizes for guessing which is my favourite - yes, it's the classic stuck-way-out-in-the-desert, tragically
 tired and rundown mexican cantina.  I can't tell you how rapt I was when the guys agreed to don the muscle shirts and diner-boy hats, and they really got into the spirit of things, particularly when we bought out the oversized can of yellow cheese sauce. Things got very messy.  And don't judge me  - but the sauce was actually delicious.  In a really wrong kind of way, that is.  Thanks to Trish Hunter for the loan of her amazing vintage caravan, and to my assistant slash nephew Henry-Jack for being all over it and knowing what I needed before I knew I needed it!  Oh and thanks to Annebelle my assistant slash daughter for whipping me up the ace menu board! And finally, ongoing apologies to Reuben for the death-sauce-in-the-eye incident - I am still having nightmares about it!

Here are some of the other sets:
Masterchef Australia 2013 Photography by John Tsiavis Set styling by Heather Nette King

Masterchef Australia 2013 Photography by John Tsiavis Set styling by Heather Nette King

And here is some behind the scenes action:

Henry-Jack and I standing in for the pre-light.  I am on my dad's original '50's Sleepy Hollow chair!

Don't judge it until you have tried it...
Excellent Henry-Jack making me a caravan shelf

And here are the shots, appearing in the press.

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